PLUGiES MagTech - USB-C to MagTech Cable


Longer, Stronger & Just as Convenient Quick Connect

One of the simplest, most convenient features of many laptops is the magnetic snap-and-charge plug from Plugies. Patterned after that same technology, these patented fuss-free magnetic cables allow you to connect your USB-C devices quickly, with one hand, no matter how dark or hard to see it is. Because of this sturdy construction, they also eliminate fraying on the ends—a common occurrence with typical plugs. Our latest version is even stronger than before. Made with thicker wiring and a strong, braided nylon exterior, they’re designed for the long haul. These cables are 6.6 feet long if you need to plug them in from a distance. Use them with your USB-C devices and they’ll give you power transfer speeds that are just as fast, without the hassle of fraying, bending, or damage. 


  • USB-C connection
  • 90 degree angle cable
  • High-speed charging only
  • Rated for 4.5Amps and 87Watts
  • Material: Anodized aluminum head, braided nylon cable
  • Double-sided neodymium magnets, snap-and-charge head
  • Bi-directional plug
  • Improved pins allowing for improved connection
  • Thicker wiring
  • Length: 6.6 feet