The Plugies Story

In 2012 I was driving on my way home from work, I needed to make a phone call so I reached out for my phone and realized it was out of power.  I grabbed the power cord and while trying to plug the charger into my phone I swerved and landed into a ditch.  I was so fortunate to avoid a major accident, but that day made me realize there had to be an easier way to conveniently snap-&-charge your phone. 

That's when the USPTO issued patent idea came about; a quick-connect Plugies for microUSB and USB-C to allow for simple, one-handed charging of your smart devices. Constructed with a 4-foot braided nylon cable and double-sided neodymium magnets housed in anodized aluminum casing, Plugies allow the user to plug the detachable magnetic head into their device and leave it there. This way, when charging, you can simply place the cord near the device’s charging port and it snaps right into place. No more fumbling with chargers, or needing to stop and use two hands.

Charging is such a breeze with Plugies.  Snappy Charging!